The Village of Payne
The Village of Payne

                      Welcome to The Village of Payne Website

         The Village of Payne is a warm welcoming community of 1194 residents. Though we are a small rural Village in Northwest Ohio, we have much to offer.

         Payne is a close knit community with conservative values, reflective of our excellent Schools, Churches, Park, Library, Youth Center and Businesses.

          I would like to invite you to come and experience the Village of Payne, with our Hometown Atmosphere and a Wonderful Safe Place to Raise Your Family,

           If your organization would like to be added to our website, please call or email Thanks for visiting our website and have a blessed day.

                                              Mayor Steve Wobler


ATTENTION: The Paulding County Area Foundation has awarded the Village of Payne Fire Department $1,500.00.  This is for the 2017 Kickoff of the Smoke Detector Program for children at both Village Schools. If any business or individual would like to donate to this great cause, please send donations to the Village Hall, marked for Smoke Detectors.   


The Village is seeking candidates for Firefighters and EMT'S, please see a Fireman or EMT for additional information.



Steve Wobler 2019


Bill Childs 2017

Steve Crowley (President) 2019

Ron Etzler 2017

Randy Mlller 2017

Austin Scheiner 2019

Ron Schoenauer 2017

Fiscal Officer

Cheryl Halter

Board of Public Affairs

Eric Gross 2019

John Hall (President) 2019

Brad Young 2017

Water Sewer Refuse Billing

Lorean McCollum

Water & Sewer Department

Winston Gross

Street Department

Jarrod Childs

Zoning Inspector

Tom Sinn

Public Safety

Police Chief Rodney Miller

Fire Chief Leroy Anderson

EMS Coordinator Con Shuherk


Council Meetings

Second and Fourth Monday Monthly @ 7pm

Mayor's  Court

First and Third Tuesday Monthly

@ 7pm



Electrical Aggregation Vote passed at November 8th Election. Palmer Energy will negotiate with power companies to get the best price on a kilowatt (electrical used). You will still receive only ONE BILL, from AEP. The actual cost of a kilowatt could be reduced from what you are paying now. You will be able to opt in or out of program. More info as it becomes available.


Drop Box located on the Front of Village Office's for Mayor's Court and Water Bill payments.

Drop Box for Water Bill Payment at Water & Sewer Office also 


If you would like to donate a bench for the park in memory of a loved one, or for any cause, please contact the Mayor




                  Website Designer and Administrator Mayor Steve Wobler

"A Great Place to Live and Grow"      

Village of Payne

119 North Main Street

P.O. Box 58

Payne Ohio 45880

Phone 419-263-2514

Fax: 419 263-3426


100 Mayor Court

101 Police Department

102 Mayor

103 Fiscal Officer

104 Zoning

105 BPA

110 Fire Department

111 EMS

112 Water & Sewer Department

113 Street Department


Payne Village Park

513 North Main Street

Rental Organized Event $50.00

Contact Fiscal Officer


Payne Public Library

101 N. Main Street

419 263-3333


Wayne Trace Payne Elementary

501 West Townline Street

419 263-2512


Divine Mercy School

120 Arturus Street

419 263-2114


The Rock

104 S. Main St.

419 263-2728


Village Churches


Payne Church of Christ

220 W. Merrin St.

419 263-2092

Payne Church of Nazarene

509 Orchard St.

419 263-2422

Divine Mercy Catholic Church

203 W. Townline St.

419 399-2576

St. Jacob's Church

207 W. Oak St.

419 263-2763

St. James Luthern Church

511 W. Townline St.

419 263-2129

St. Paul United Methodist Church

312 S. Main St.

419 263-2418


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