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The Village of Payne


2023 Updates - Grants & Projects 



In 2023 The Village of Payne water department treated and produced approximately 45 million gallons of drinking water.  All the outdated water softener heads were replaced with new ones inside the water plant. The village only had five water main breaks throughout the entire year. During these breaks, our water superintendent Brant Heck was able isolate the breaks by utilizing the new water valves that were installed through ARPA Grant dollars. Because of this, the village only had one break that resulted in a disruption of service that affected the entire village. For that incident water was off less than 3 hours. Along with many other small projects there were two major projects completed throughout the water distribution system.

  • Plainfield Drive- In the spring the village had a new 8-inch water main installed down Plainfield which eliminated an old AC water main.  
  • Digital Water Meters: A water meter replacement project was completed in the fall. These meters are much more accurate and can help detect leaks faster and more efficiently. They are also able to be digitally read vs manually read individually.

The Village of Payne, with the assistance of the grant writers at Kleinfelder’s, were awarded funding for two big water projects that will take place in 2024:

  • West Merrin
  • West Oak
    • New water mains will be installed down West Oak Street and West Merrin street. Both these projects will consist of new 8-inch water mains being installed effectively replacing two outdated 4-inch water mains. This should restore enough pressure to allow a few of the hydrants out of commission to be reinstated. Estimated to be replace in the spring/summer of 2024


2022/2023 Overall Grants/Funding Breakdown with the assistance of Kleinfelder's & Maumee Valley Planning Organization:

  • Lead-Line Testing – Ohio EPA Reimbursement Grant – awarded up to $33,025.00 – this allowed us to test for lines constructed with lead in the village. Through resident survey participation and testing we were able to secure some of the following funding below as Ohio has committed to eliminating all lead line. This funding will come as a reimbursement once the grant is complete.
  • 9 Valve Replacement (in 2021/22)- ARPA Grant- replacing and exercising valves allows us to isolate water line breaks to minimize impact. - $29,639.65
  • Plainfield – Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Grant - $121,073.00 / Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) Loan - $54,108.80 & OPWC Loan - $61,018.47
  • Digital Meter Grant- Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) – ARPA Construction Grant: $252,600.70
  • West Oak St – Community Development Block Grant Programs (CDBG) Grant: up to $400,000 (any overage will be placed in a loan)
  • West Merrin St - Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Grant: up to $515,895.00 (any overage will be placed in a loan)

Total Grant Dollars: $1,352,233.35             Total Loan: $115,127.27

The Village applied for funding for a 3rd project that consists of replacing the water main on East Merrin Street and Veteran Lane and we are waiting to see if we have secured funding for that project.

Water superintendent Brant dedicated countless hours to these projects to improving the quality of life for our residents and achieved his Class 1 Water Supply License this year. Due to our BPA, especially retiree John Hall and Eric Gross who had countless hours of meetings and correspondence with grant writers, engineers, and contractors to the Village was able to secure these fundings, effectively saving the village $1.4 million dollars through grants. 


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