The Village of Payne
The Village of Payne

  Did You Know These interesting Facts

Called Flat Rock City and Malottville as early as 1872


Disparagingly called Pucker Brush by its detractors


1883 Payne Village was plotted


1883 brought first paper to town, Payne Star. 1884 sold and became Payne Independent.

1885 became The Review. From 1912 to 1956 changed to Payne Reflector, when it was sold again to R.W. Reinhart editor of Paulding Progress. In 1968 it became The Paulding Progress.


1872 showed the start of the Railroad. After several sales and much work it was completed by Nickel Plate in 1881. The first paseenger train arrived on October 23, 1882


1874 had 4 dwellings and lots sold for $20.00


1884 had a population of 1,000. There were three hotels, 30 businesses, 4 saw mills, a stave factory (made barrels), and a bucket factory. The town was growing rapidly and people came to see about renting, but property was not available at that time. Payne was becoming a thriving community and several large fires slowed growth.


The most disastrous fire was on July 4, 1898 when many businesses were destroyed.


1902 showed the start of the sewer system. 1912 showed the start of the water system.


1906 showed paving complete from Main Street at half todays width. Upon completion speed iimit had to be set at 8 mph thru business district and 15 mph elsewhere due to local sports speeding thru town on horses and buggies.


1907 showed a strike by tomatoe peelers, demanding an increase from 3 cents per bucket peeled to 4 cents. It was then offerered to raise to 4 cents if peelers would carry their own bucket of tomatoes. The peelers refused and a compromise was reached at 3.5 cents per bucket peeled and wages were increased by 2.5 cents per hour worked. The owners were told no children under 14 years of age were allowed to work as they belogned in school. The company threatened to leave if further problems were encountered. They were worried that the 75 cents per day for peelers woulld hurt them. The company overcame and continued. 69 were employed and filled 22 freight cars annually. it was destroyed by fire in 1922.


1920 showed a financial burden on the Village as resources were not available to operate streetlights. No coal, water tank empty and Village coffers empty. Power was shut off at 10 pm. Power plant solicited 25 cents per month for power. it was overcome and lights stayed on.


1890 Census population was 1,146


1900 Census population was 1,336


1930 Census population was 1,614


1960 Census population was 1,287


1980 Census population was 1,399


1990 Census population was 1,244


2000 Census population was 1,166


2010 Census population was 1,194 


2015 Census estimated at 1,155


2010 Census showed 497 households


2020 Census population was 1192


Elevation is 745 feet


Location Coordinates are 41-079428 - 84.727193 


The park pond is shaped like the State of Ohio


1891 was the first class to graduate from Payne and 1971 was the last. In 1972 they became WT Raiders after consolidation.


information source centennial book 



"A Great Place to Live and Grow"      

Village of Payne

119 North Main Street

P.O. Box 58

Payne Ohio 45880

Phone 419-263-2514

Fax 419 263-3426



1 Police Department

2 Mayor's Court Clerk

3 Fiscal Officer

4 Mayor

5 Zoning & Zoning Inspector

6 Water & Sewer Dept.

7 BPA- Over Water & Sewer

8 Fire Department


0 Street Department


Payne Village Park

513 North Main Street

Payne, OH 45880

Rental Organized Event $50.00

Contact Fiscal Officer


Payne Public Library

101 N. Main Street

Payne, OH 45880

419 263-3333


Wayne Trace Payne Elementary

501 West Townline Street

Payne, OH 45880

419 263-2512


Divine Mercy School

120 Arturus Street

Payne, OH 45880

419 263-2114


The Rock

104 S. Main St.

Payne, OH 45880

419 770-2277


US Post Office

101 S. Laura St

Payne, OH 45880

419 263-2383


Rueben Smith American Legion

Post 297

220 N. Main St.

Payne, OH 45880

419 263-2772


Flat Rock Masonic Lodge 580

506 S. Main St.

Payne, OH 45880


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