The Village of Payne
The Village of Payne

                     Payne Fire Department

                         202 N. Laura St.


                           FIRE CHIEF

                  Jesse Hefner


                      EMERGENCY 911


               419 263-2514 Extension 8


                     ASSISTANT CHIEF


                           Gary Gasser




                            Ben Thomas

                             Kyle Wobler




                               John Hall

                          Zach Mansfield





 *Shelby Williams* *Tammy Williams* *Travis Zartman* *Jon Dawson* *Travis Rowe* *Ben Stoller* *Jason Bauer* * Austin Miller* *Christian Munoz*Aaron Harris*


                      Fire Level 2 School

                        Zach Mannsfield

                         Travis Zartman

                        Christian Munoz



                           Jason Rupp

                       Sadie Litzenberg

                         James Weaver 

                        Joseph Schmidt 




                          Dave Thomas


The Fire Department is seeking individuals interested in becoming volunteer fireman. Training is paid for by the department. Please see the Chief or any fireman for a application.


If you would like to donate for the smoke alarm program for students at WT Payne Elementary and Divine Mercy schools. Please send to the Village address, marked smoke alarm donation.






"A Great Place to Live and Grow"      

Village of Payne

119 North Main Street

P.O. Box 58

Payne Ohio 45880

Phone 419-263-2514

Fax 419 263-3426


1 Police Department

2 Mayor's Court Clerk

3 Fiscal Officer

4 Mayor

5 Zoning

6 Water & Sewer Dept.

7 BPA- Over Water & Sewer

8 Fire Department


10 Street Department


Payne Village Park

513 North Main Street

Rental Organized Event $50.00

Contact Fiscal Officer


Payne Public Library

101 N. Main Street

419 263-3333


Wayne Trace Payne Elementary

501 West Townline Street

419 263-2512


Divine Mercy School

120 Arturus Street

419 263-2114


The Rock

104 S. Main St.

419 770-2277


Village Churches


Payne Church of Christ

220 W. Merrin St.

419 263-2092

Payne Church of Nazarene

509 Orchard St.

419 263-2422

Divine Mercy Catholic Church

203 W. Townline St.

419 399-2576

St. Jacob's Church

207 W. Oak St.

419 263-2763

St. James Luthern Church

511 W. Townline St.

419 263-2129

St. Paul United Methodist Church

312 S. Main St.

419 263-2418


US Post Office

101 S. Laura St

419 263-2383


Rueben Smith American Legion

Post 297

220 N. Main St.

419 263-2772


Flat Rock Masonic Lodge 580

506 S. Main St.

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